Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Next Big Thing in Healthcare?

CNN recently published an article discussing the related concepts of Concierge Medicine, Private Physicians and Direct Pay Practices. A few notable excerpts appear below:

Many doctors shy away from the term "concierge" because it connotes that it's for an exclusive club. They are not practicing "wealth care," as a few of those interviewed termed it. Instead, these doctors are increasingly positioning themselves as health care providers for middle class Americans who value wellness.
"Patients have made a decision to invest $4 to $5 bucks a day in their health," said Bret Jorgensen, CEO of MDVIP, a concierge doctor network. The company has 230,000 members, ranging from chief executives to teachers, who pay their doctors an annual fee of about $1,700 a year, on average, on top of their insurance co-payments.
Concierge doctors argue that they save patients money by reducing their need to go to specialists and hospitals. "Patients who join have better control of chronic medical issues. That $100 a month is paid back relatively quickly," said Dr. Matthew Priddy, who also serves as President of the American Academy of Private Physicians.

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