Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Next Big Thing in Healthcare?

CNN recently published an article discussing the related concepts of Concierge Medicine, Private Physicians and Direct Pay Practices. A few notable excerpts appear below:

Many doctors shy away from the term "concierge" because it connotes that it's for an exclusive club. They are not practicing "wealth care," as a few of those interviewed termed it. Instead, these doctors are increasingly positioning themselves as health care providers for middle class Americans who value wellness.
"Patients have made a decision to invest $4 to $5 bucks a day in their health," said Bret Jorgensen, CEO of MDVIP, a concierge doctor network. The company has 230,000 members, ranging from chief executives to teachers, who pay their doctors an annual fee of about $1,700 a year, on average, on top of their insurance co-payments.
Concierge doctors argue that they save patients money by reducing their need to go to specialists and hospitals. "Patients who join have better control of chronic medical issues. That $100 a month is paid back relatively quickly," said Dr. Matthew Priddy, who also serves as President of the American Academy of Private Physicians.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FHIcommunications Expands Digital Portfolio with New Title

Florida Health Industry's Week in Review Launched DEC 8, 2014

Week in Review will be distributed every Monday. WIR is quick read and summarizes the top headlines of the previous week nationally (What Happened). FHIcommunications editors provide the analysis portion (Why it Matters).

Jeff Herschler, Founder of FHIcommunications stated:
“We are very excited about the new title and believe it will round out our current list of titles (Specialty Focus, Updates in Pediatrics, FHIweekly and Game Changers). WIR will further our mission of Informing, Connecting and Engaging Florida's healthcare community.”

You can view the inaugural issue of the publication here>> http://conta.cc/1BrgUMl