Saturday, November 29, 2014

Healthcare Roundtable Examines Professional Liability

With the premise that:

Repeal of Florida's 2003 tort reform law as well as innovations in medical technology necessitate a re-evaluation of risk management strategies. Meanwhile the transformation of healthcare delivery brought on by the ACA, the HITECH Act and health industry economics creates potential new Medical Malpractice liabilities.

The most recent installment of the Healthcare Roundtable was held at Imperial Club in Aventura. Guest speakers were:
  • Matt Gracey, CEO, Danna-Gracey
  • Michael A. Petruccelli, JD, Partner, Fann & Petruccelli
  • Alexandru Visan, MD, CEO & Co-Founder, Executive Cortex Consulting

We are seeing an explosion of risk in the (physician) extender world. There is a lot going on behind the scenes among insurers and risk managers as to how to properly manage this risk.
-Matt Gracey

When you are seeing new patients, who have not had a standing physician-patient relationship, coming to you via the ACA, you have to look at each one as a potential plaintiff.
-Michael Petruccelli

Telemedicine can help address the physician shortage. We don't have to be there to see patients anymore. We should allow telemedicine to fulfill its role. We should allow automation to fulfill its role.
-Alexandru Visan, MD

We see some remarkable things down here (in S. FL).  Average per member, per year expense for a Medicare patient is just shy of $9k (nationally).  In Palm Beach county it's $15k. In Miami it's $19k.
-Lanny Pauley 

The event was Moderated by Lanny Pauley, COO, Neuroscience Consultants and Closing Remarks wereprovided by Jeff Kramer, CPA, Partner, Goldstein Schechter Koch.

Sponsors were Danna-Gracey, Goldstein Schechter Koch and VidaCare Plus.

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