Thursday, June 27, 2013

AMA Adopts New Policies on Second Day of Voting at Annual Meeting

The American Medical Association (AMA) voted June 18 during its Annual Meeting to adopt the following new policies on emerging issues in public health and science:
  • Opposition to Genetic Discrimination
  • Support of Public Access to Genetic Data
  • Pharmacy Compounding Safety
  • Opposition to the Lifetime Ban on Blood Donations for Gay Men 
  • HIV Treatment as Prevention
  • Obesity as a Disease
  • Banning Marketing/Sale of Energy Drinks to Kids
  • Health Risks of Sitting
  • Permitting Sunscreen in Schools
  • Exam Room Computing & Patient-Physician Interactions

Source:  American Medical Association

Monday, June 10, 2013

Asset Protection Q & A

What are the dangers of simply hiding my assets - perhaps in some offshore jurisdiction - and not revealing these assets to my creditor?

That's a common mistake. One must never confuse secrecy or concealing assets with asset protection, though to discourage lawsuits, financial privacy can sometimes be helpful. A judgment creditor can compel you to disclose your finances under oath.

You can't then rely on secrecy. Once under oath you must truthfully disclose your assets. It's perjury to lie to conceal your assets. You want honest protection. With a good plan you can fully disclose your assets, confident that they'll stay creditor-proof. A judgment creditor is entitled to full and honest answers about your present and past assets.

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