Friday, March 22, 2013

Wheels of Justice: Biogenesis Investigation, First Reported by Miami New Times, is “In the Hands of the MLB and DOH” (Gulp!)

Bright Light Shines on South Florida’s Sleazy Anti-Aging "Specialists"

The story first broke in late January with the Miami New Times story about the Coral Gables based Anti-Aging clinic and it’s All-Star list of athlete clients (click HERE to read it).  Anthony Bosch, son of medical doctor Pedro Bosch, was the owner of Biogenesis. Anthony Bosch allegedly posed as a licensed physician and supplied steroids and other drugs illegally while controlling this business entity called Biogenesis of America, LLC.  Biogenesis is listed on Yelp as a weight-loss center located at 1390 S. Dixie Highway.  This isn’t the first time the Bosch family has been associated with illicit performance enhancing drugs…
…So who was writing the prescriptions for Anthony's patients?  After all Tony is not a real doctor; an actual physician would have to be complicit for the scheme to work.  So far we don't know.  For the record Dr. Bosch vehemently denies writing the 'scripts.  Here is Dr. Bosch’s denial published January 30 on Business Wire (courtesy Reuters).

As if the narrative wasn’t fascinating enough (although admittedly anther black-eye for Florida’s medical community), it got even more interesting when, last week, Sports Illustrated picked up Miami New Times Editor Chuck Strouse’s rambling and erratic explanation for why he wouldn’t share his assets/sources for an MLB investigation.  He then dropped this bombshell:

…there is a hitherto-unreported Florida Department of Health criminal probe into clinic director Anthony Bosch.

"We're going after Tony Bosch," says a source from the State Department of Health. "He's the target."

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