Monday, January 16, 2012

Healthcare Technology Update

According to a recent article in the Daily Business Review, the healthcare technology sector is 'white hot' for investors. The author, Mike Seemuth,also points out that the health sector is rapidly creating new jobs in the region, second only to hospitality in South Florida. He lists Miami based CareCloud, Consult A Doctor of Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale's MAKO Surgical as examples of healthcare technology firms that are attracting capital and hiring new workers.

The enthusiasm surrounding healthcare tech is not universal however. A recent article in Fortune entitled Mobile health: Hallelujah or bah humbug? questions the validity of crossing healthcare with mobile devices. The author, Lisa Suennen, wants to know if mobile is the future of healthcare, or more hype than substance. She also revisits 1999's crop of eHealth companies "...and the trail of a bazillion incinerated VC dollars and careers."
Meanwhile, Jupiter Medical Center just launched its new MedWaitTime online service. According to the facility's press release,
"The MedWaitTime service is designed for people with non-life-threatening conditions. By visiting, a user can reserve the next available appointment for Emergency Department treatment and choose to wait comfortably at home until then. The online service has a fee of $8.99 to save a spot, which is refunded if the patient is not seen within 30 minutes of the scheduled time."

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