Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pill Mill Update

A quick scan of the headlines reveals mostly positive news on the illegal pharmaceuticals front.

However, there are some unintended negative consequences to the Florida clean-up. See Florida's Pill Mill Crackdown Leads to Crime Elsewhere.

Meanwhile Tara Pihn's contribution, I Read the News Today Oh, Boy went viral.

·         Web Visits to up 48.4%
·         Story picked up by Health News Florida
·         Story read globally; in US, UK, Belgium, France, Thailand, India, Canada, Sweden & Switzerland
·         The story was #1 in organic, Google search (Pill Mill + Alt Weeklies) the week of Oct 10th
·         Two related video posts (posted by FHItv on You Tube) scored #3 and #13  respectively while the Health New Florida post garnered a #21 in an organic Google search October 11

There is increasing evidence that Pain Management Clinics are complying with, at least, the letter of the law.    A review of advertisements and websites reveals that most are insisting on Florida State I.D.s from new patients.  Most clinics have minimum age requirements and some even have Mission Statements posted to their sites.  One clinic boasts that it contracts "a premier health care attorney, and a State of Florida Licensed Risk Manager to support and facilitate ongoing compliance."

Don't crack the bubbly yet.  A quick check of the Pill Bill Barometer (the back pages of Broward/Palm Beach New Times) reveals 36 ads for pain management related services.  This is the same count Tara got when she originally posted her story last month.   And even more ominously, there is a new advertiser with this headline:  TIRED OF FLORIDA HASSLES.  The new sponsor is located in Tucker, GA.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why can't we be friends? Examining Political Polarization

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD                                                      
Jeff Herschler

OK. Quick show of hands.  Who among us is in favor of mandatory safety belts in American automobiles?    How about federal guidelines dictating proper infection control standards in hospitals and ASC's?  And may I assume that the vast majority of us would not vote to eliminate federal oversight of pharmaceuticals?   And let's address TSA making us take off our shoes to pass through airport security:  Silly for sure, but I'm thinking we don't mind too much.  (see story:  Improved Technology promises to eliminate TSA's shoe removal requirement).  A few wackos on the periphery disagree but most reasonable men and women believe in a powerful government role for our society.  

Now. Yea or Nay.  Physicians should be allowed to own their practices and profit in that enterprise.  Citizens should be permitted to own private property including real estate and financial investments.    People ought to be monetarily rewarded for hard work and dedication;  those who are lazy and foolish will and should earn less.  Again, aside from a couple of kooks, I am receiving a lot of affirmative feedback.   Thus, it's safe to conclude that we overwhelming espouse free-market capitalism. 

So why not promote the best ideas for this country that embrace a strong, but limited, government that collaborates with a free market, subject to the rule of law?  In this Utopian world, each decision we make recognizes the need for balance between government and business.   Brand me an idealist.  Mock my naiveté.  Heck you can even call me wishy-washy for occasionally voting for a Democrat.  For crying out loud,  it's better than being a demagogue or an extremist.

Mr. Herschler is the Editor and Publisher of FHIweekly.

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