Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Read the News Today Oh, Boy!


Recently healthcare leaders have been highlighting achievements in shuttering pill mills and choking off the supply of prescription drugs being sold illegally in Florida.  It appears federal and state efforts to crackdown on illicit pain management clinics might be thwarting drug abuse in Florida.  However according to veteran healthcare pundit Tara Pihn, there is evidence that more work needs to be done.  For example, Tara recently observed….

“….in the September 8 edition of Broward/Palm Beach New Times, there are 36 ads for clinics and physician offices offering pain management services. …. One clinic offers pain management services with ‘NO LIMIT’.  Another beckons new patients with this message:  ‘Has Your Doctor Closed?’.  Others will ‘Meet any Competitors Offer’ or deliver ‘Full Service Pain Management’.”

The other alternative weeklies in the area, Miami New Times and City Link, also run these ads. Tara has some questions.

Would a legitimate operator get value from this type of marketing expenditure?   
To this type of audience? 
And if they are not legitimate, could they operate openly by running ads in the alternative weeklies?

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