Sunday, July 17, 2011


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In the past week, Florida lawmakers turned down a $2.1 million federal grant that would pave the way for the state to receive $35 million in federal funding that would move elderly and disabled patients from nursing homes to their own homes during the next five years. With the help of this federal funding elderly people could be moved out of nursing homes to independent-living facilities or to support care at home with their families resulting in less money to be spent on nursing-home care. Republican legislators defended their refusal of the latest federal grant, known as the Money Follows the Person funding...Is there any hope that rational thought will prevail in Tallahassee? -Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD

RE:  Medicare Reform 

According to a article posted on July 8... "Democrats have spent a lot of time lambasting Republicans for supporting a Medicare reform plan from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. They excoriate it as 'destroying Medicare as we know it.'"  When will the Progressives realize that Medicare as we know it is unsustainable and must be destroyed?  Over utilized and plagued with fraud, the Medicare Program's time has come and that's a good thing for young and old, for conservatives and liberals!  -Healthcare Professional, Ft. Lauderdale 

Re:  Doctor Accountability vs. Patient Justice

Medical liability reforms such as HB-479 are bad for everyone except those hospitals and doctors who make mistakes that hurt patients.
Is it fair to limit the recovery of a patient who is the victim of a wrong leg a doctor who had performed ANOTHER wrong leg surgery just a year before?
I represented a client in just that situation.
Some claim that the new legislation promotes a friendlier place to practice medicine.
Is "friendly" really what the citizens of Florida deserve or need?
How about safe and accountable?
What do you think?
 -John Leighton, Leighton Law  |

Re: Understanding HB 155:  Is this a Joke?
It's not a joke and FAFP has joined in a lawsuit with other medical physician organizations to try and declare the law unconstitutional. These are nasty times.
 -Tad Fisher, Executive VP, Florida Academy of Family Physicians

New Jersey license has a statement on their license renewal to waive your  rights.
 -New Jersey Physician

Re:  Unfunded Entitlements

The Greek debacle is a cautionary tale.  We must face down the budget crisis now to avoid the chaos recently seen in Athens.  Greece has become a nation of corrupt and entrenched bureaucrats, idle rich and a disillusioned workforce that has largely forgotten how to hustle and innovate.  If our leaders don't lead, the US is headed down that same path.  The nation that perfected democracy has to avoid the Hell being endured in the country that invented it.  -Healthcare Executive, Miami

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